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Haven Farmstead Table

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Haven Farmstead Table is a dairy operation and cheese kitchen that is built on the grounds of Willow Haven Farm in Lehigh Valley, PA.


With a background in food fermentation, Steve Dougherty is the mastermind behind the cheese at Haven Farmstead Table. Steve's approach to cheese is exacting, ambitious, and scientific, and it shows in every stage of the cheese-making process, from dairy cow to cheese-cave. In contrast with more conventional corn-fed cows, the dairy cows at Haven Farmstead Table are raised using a fully grass-based and diversified diet (consisting of grass, legumes, and clover) from the neighboring Willow Haven Farm. In the cheese kitchen and cheese cave, Steve is equally ambitious. Standing in his cheese cave, Steve explained to us that the biology and the core of his cheese-making process cannot be rushed or compromised - slow and extended aging is the secret to world-class flavor.

Currently, we feature a delightful blue cheese from Haven Farmstead Table that is complex, mushroomy, a bit nutty, and oh-so-buttery. 

      Side Hill Acres

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Side Hill Acres Goat Farm is a family-run goat dairy in Candor, NY that is operated by Rita, Russel, their children, and grandchildren. Every time we visit Side Hill Acres, we learn more about their commitment to raising a healthy and happy herd, and about the difference that high-quality goat milk makes for their cheeses. Side Hill Acres Goat Farm started with just one goat 36 years ago, when Rita and Russel took their children to get a dairy cow. They came home with a goat instead because their children wouldn't leave without one. Soon after, they noticed the goat looked lonely so they decided to get another goat to keep it company.  Today, Side Hill Acres is home to 157 lovable dairy goats, like Buster and Moose, who supply premium goat milk for the creamiest of hand-crafted chèvres. 

We are currently featuring cranberry coated and classic chèvres from Side Hill Acres. It's a perfect treat for all occasions, but it is especially wonderful in the cold-weather months. When the weather cools down, goats naturally drink less water, making the fat content of their milk just a bit higher, and the resulting cheeses oh-so-creamy. We are so excited to bring these tasty chèvres to you.

     Lively Run Dairy

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This family-owned and operated creamery in Interlaken, NY brings you artisan cheese that is inspired by the Finger Lakes food culture. Lively Run's mission is to craft delectable artisan cheeses in a way that honors people, animals, and the land. In doing so, they partner with New York dairy farmers who practice high-quality animal care with animal welfare and sustainability in mind. 

With decades of cheese-making experience, Lively Run has made a mark as pioneers and innovators in the world of cheese. We can't get enough of their innovative cheeses, such as the "Shire," an innovative Gouda-like cow's milk cheese. The Shire is made from curds soaked in Shire Ale, a dark malty Scotch Ale from Hopshire Brewery, which imbues the cheese with toasty flavors of dark malt and a slight coffee-like bitterness. 

    Birchrun Hills Farm


Birchrun Hills Farm is a small family dairy farm that makes farmstead artisan cheese from the milk of their own cows in northern Chester County, PA. While Birchrun Hills has been a successful dairy farm since 1981, its foundations were built even prior to that, when Ken Miller began farming as a teenager and learned to grow crops and raise livestock in a way that promotes the growth of organic matter and builds soil fertility. It is high-quality crops, grown on-site, that feed the herd of 80 Holstein cows at Birchrun Hills and ensure the highest-quality milk for cheese-making. We particularly love using their classic and smooth bloomy-rind "Little Chardy" as well as their deliciously aromatic "Red Cat," a creamy and pungent washed-rind cheese.


Today, Ken and Sue Miller, and their two sons, Randy and Jesse, expertly and responsibly craft the highest quality cheeses, while focusing on environmental stewardship, animal health and welfare, and building a sustainable future.

      Linden Dale Farm

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Linden Dale Farm is a seventh generation family farm located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. As a true farmstead dairy, the farm provides the feed and pasture for their cows and goats, and is the location for all the cheese making with its own milk processing facility! In other words, the delicious cheeses you find from Linden Dale are produced on the farm by members of the family using the highest quality milk from their own pasture-raised herd. Currently parents, Andrew and Mary, run the business in partnership with their two eldest sons, Andrew Jr. and Abram, along with help from their four younger children.


We love all of their cheeses, especially the Linden Dale Tomme, a traditional farmstead hard goat cheese made with raw milk, and cave-aged for around a year, which adds to the rich and nutty flavor.

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