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Who is Marjorie....? We'll let you in on our little secret. Try saying "From Marjorie"

three times fast. You might find yourself saying "fromagerie," which is just the French word for a cheese shop.

We're just two friends who love cheese and hope to share our love for cheeses with you. We feature a rotating selection of small-batch artisan cheeses from local, organic, and family-owned farms. To curate the

perfect cheese selection, we visit each farm, and you can find out more under "Featured Cheesemakers".













I believe that quality cheeses and beautiful cheeseboards are a way of connecting people and bringing friends and family together. Our round wooden cheeseboards are the perfect size for a date night or intimate family gathering. They also make great gifts for birthdays, housewarmings, and other special moments. For larger gatherings and parties, we are also happy to work together with you to create a memorable and festive spread.

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